Thursday, November 4, 2010

Set Backs

Our government had some major setbacks yesterday.  So did my son.  We woke up to him screaming face down in a pile of carrot stained vomit at 3:30am.  He was puking carrots and cereal out of his nose.  It took his dad and I about an hour to calm him down and get him to stop squirting fluids out of his cute little nose. The next hour he slept between us until I had to roll out of bed for work at 5:30am.  Wednesday was a bummer.  House is run by stinky Republicans and Momma got 3.5 hours of sleep.  Eoghan has also been waking up around 3am to nurse off and on the last few weeks.  He used to sleep through the night.  What a trickster.  I thought my boy  was such a good sleeper.
Daddy making a point. 

 Okay off to pump. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Strawberry Milk

I love my son so much that I make him strawberry milk in the morning at 5:30am.  I guess the change in weather is making my breast bleed when I pump.  I might have bloody nipples but I also have this. 

This is Eoghan meeting his 2 week old cousin Ginger.  He sure does look happy about meeting her.  Notice my son does not like pants.  He is surely going to be innappropriate just like his mommy and daddy. 
Today is his last day of being less than a half year old.  It is incredible how quick it went by. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My babies asleep.  My babies asleep.  Hmmmm.  I should wake him up.  He has been asleep since 6:30.  It is now 8:51pm.  This could ruin my night.  He already stays awake till 1am.  He asleep though,  I cleaned the kitchen.  It is a miracle.  I could write but I guess I should wake him up or fold laundry.  Or get drunk.  I guess I will go pinch him. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Late Start

I am going to be rusty.  I will tell you why.  I have been extremely content.  Fucking happy I would say.  You might ask why this matters.  Well when I am happy/doing well/ healthy/ content, I seem to not write in my journal.  But I have wasted enough time. 

I have a son.  An almost six month pig like angel named Eoghan. 

He is super.  He is also in super ugly pj's.  He shit all over his cute ones.  So his dad put him in his $1.97 ones I picked up from Target.  

I apologize now.  I cuss.  A lot.  It is a habit I will try to work on.  It is NOT cute when babies cuss and I do not want Eoghan to be that baby.  I have a lot of habits.  I have been able to break most of them.  Dope, smoking, mooning people, climbing trees drunk. The list could go on.

I think the point of this blog is to write about my boy.  My family.  Breastfeeding.  And try to maybe become witty again with my writing.  I am disappointed in the fact that I only wrote maybe five times in my journal while I was pregnant.  My Thai yoga massage friend told me sometimes pregnancy can suck the creative stuff out of you. 

I might back track a little.  For myself.  I still have not written my sons birth story down.  Or at least the parts I remember so I might use this sight for that too.  Hopefully my flow will come back.