Friday, June 28, 2013

Guilt 1/52- Zoe

So Zoe is almost 11 months old.

She just started to stand unassisted a few days ago.  She took three steps two days ago but than when I went to show Greg she smiled all big at him and face planted.  She has 8 teeth popping out.  She is so big. 

I sometimes do not feel she gets the attention she deserves because she is the 2nd child and when she is content we play with her older brother because he needs this attention.  It makes me feel so sad. 

I want her to know how much she means to me.  I want her to know how special she is.  I want her to know I love her as much as Eoghan.  Because I do.  I love every little thing about her.  I love her drama. I love the fact that she will just lean forward and bite someone and do it with so much joy in her eyes.   I love her scream.  Jesus, her smile.  There has never a smile I have been aware of that is as cute as hers.  It just makes you heart get that tickle feeling.  She is so sweet.
  This girl has made me have confidence in my body.  She is the nursing queen or diva.  She will nurse sitting, laying, standing and or whenever and wherever she wants.  She just wants her mommas milk:)  Thank you for sharing my bed with me the last 11 months.  Thank you for all the early morning with just us sitting on the couch snuggling.  I am so lucky to be your mamma and be allowed to have the opportunity to have that special bond. 

She has the most beautiful birthmark on her thigh.  It is exciting to me.  I just stare at it.  I do not have a birthmark so I think they are so cool for some reason.  She is absolutely obsessed with her brother.  Yet she can stand up to him to and if he tries to snatch something from her she will let out a scream that lets us know.
They are already best friends. 

 Zoe, I love you so much.  I can not even wrap my brain around the fact that you are coming to the end of your first year with us.  How has this happened?  How can it be?  Please, let time just slow down.  Please let there be a million more moments we share before you are not an infant.  You made my heart grow more and I did not think this was possible after Eoghan.  I truthfully had doubts about loving anything as much as I love that boy but you my chunky monkey knocked your brother right over and now you both share equal halfs of my heart. Daddy and I could not have dreamed of a more amazing addition to our family.  You have made our home complete.  Thank you for being ours.