Friday, April 5, 2013


So.....  I do not write anymore.  What the hell.  I wrote all the time when life was insane, sad and full of drama.  I have not written in my journal for over a year.  It is in my purse so it would not take effort really at all.  Yet, now that my life is full of adventure, joy, frustration, dirty diapers, breastmilk, lack of sleep and marriage I am dead to the world of sharing my words.

 The last thing I shared was I was getting married and I had an 18 month old boy.

 We love on each other on our honeymoon.  and got back from our honey moon.....  And loved on our boy...
Loved loved loved loved........

This one of the highlights of things happening.  If she could only be shaved all the time she would be loved so much more. 
This boy loves to jam with his daddy.

And around a week before August 2nd Mamma was all fat and acting nutty....

And this happened.  Zoe Virginia freshly baked was held by her doting big boy brother.

 And than shit got all kids of crazy.  In the best yet most tiring way possible.  No sleep for anyone.  Maybe because there are babies in all of the beds or parents required in the boys beds.  And husbands sleeping on futons.  And breast out everywhere and the house is a disaster and parents bickering and getting on each others nerves.
 But it is all so totally worth it.  But it is Spring time and just when we felt we were going to go nuts from crying babies and tantrum throwing boys the sun is shining and it is time to play.....

I have a daughter.  Now I have an almost 3 year old insanely awesome boy and a beautiful and loud 8 month old girl.  She is pretty incredible.  She sleeps like shit.  Screams if you put her down.  And is a super loud talker.  She thinks her brother is just the most amazing thing ever.  Which if you have met Eoghan she is pretty much point on. 

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